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There is always something to be grateful for, including the bad ones. It’s during the bad moments that we are forced to be redirected to a different path, forces us to change our circumstances. Growing up, my anxiety and fear have held me hostage for years. I chose to utilize my past traumas to help me look inward and not external. It was then my spiritual awakening began. I explored self-healing workshop, vinyasa yoga, a yoga retreat in Ubud Bali, immersion, meditating, therapy, and journaling. I was fascinated by how much there was to learn in this realm of the world, as I continued to heal myself, my inner child came to light even more. Within myself I found a little girl wrapped up in a ball ready to be seen and heard, and well here I am, I gave her a chance to shine and move the world with her hidden gifts. 

My level of consciousness gave me the clarity to be mindful of the multiple dimensions of wellness and so the light bulb lit up. The empath in me knew I had to launch an eco-conscious magazine that encompasses mind, body and soul. By emphasizing these aspects, I want to give a complete holistic experience to the sustainable fashion and clean beauty, wellness world. This market niche is not currently being fulfilled, and where my online magazine can make a difference.

I always held wisdom and knowledge very close to my heart, it is valuable like a treasure box, timeless and useful. A vehicle that guides us to the path of freedom. Cécile de fleur will embody every aspect of wisdom and knowledge. My gift to you all is that you leave here a little much wiser, awakened and empowered and to sprinkle wisdom dust around the world.

“Look at the rain as tears of joy”

– Jenn
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