Hi, I’m Jennifer Reyes!

...the woman behind Cécile de Fleur.

My Latin heritage is Salvadorian and Dominican. Born in Harlem and raised in Washington Heights, I was a quiet and timid girl with an active mind.

Throughout my entire life, I subconsciously feared success. The thought of taking on a big project or opportunity gave me anxiety. I was afraid of failure and being judged. As a result, I lacked belief in myself, which left me hiding my unique gifts and talents. But my life’s timeline was still guiding me to my fate.

A beautiful mistake

After years of healing my past traumas, I stopped letting fear dictate my life. So, despite not knowing what I would design for my first collection, I decided to take a leap of faith.

A few weeks later, the pandemic shutdown hit worldwide. After losing my job and drowning in debt, I felt hopeless. I was living my worst fear- losing control and money. Despite being aware that we’ve always lived in the unknown, we were now living with none of the power we once had.

I began crying profusely; mascara scattered around my eyes like a raccoon. Then, finally, I passed by my window and saw my reflection (it was like a Mulan movie scene). At that moment, the lightbulb went off. 

My robe was positioned as an off-shoulder, and it gave me the idea to design sexy negligees for special events. I wiped my tears and sketched away as Cécile de Fleur was born. I was a teardrop away from living my life’s true purpose.

Every cloud has a silver lining

The universe had other plans for me. It pulled me away from my old cycle and aligned me to my destiny’s path. It was as if I were Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz walking on the yellow brick road, minus the ruby red slippers. Sneakers, please! I was headed in a direction requiring me to walk a long walk ahead.

I was mentally and spiritually challenged along this journey, experiencing the ebb and flow of life. Not only did I build a clothing brand, but this whole journey was building me too. Each breakdown turned into a breakthrough, and here I am, reborn again and again, still thriving in the uncomfortable stages of life.

If it weren’t for my journey, I wouldn’t be here telling you this story. Trust that everything in life happens for your highest purpose.

Life has a way of leading us back to our childhood passions. It is shown from having the same hobbies. It is shown when the eyes sparkle with joy. It is shown from the repetitive patterns you repeat and sometimes it’s shown during your dark time. Pay close attention!