Founded in 2021

Where Couture Fashion and Boudoir Meet

Our design philosophy is to create wedding party dresses that can transcend long after the big day is over. Made with the finest and ethical fabrics with unparalleled craft and attention.

Glamour & Sensual

Cécile de Fleur was created for the non-traditional bride and avid event-goer. Inspired by negligee nightgowns, our sustainable dresses feature detachable spaghetti straps.

 There are a few sustainable luxury dress brands for people to choose from and purchase. It led the founder to design dresses for Glamorous Eco-Fashionistas, who want to be a part of the environmental solution while not losing their signature look. Most importantly, they march to the beat of their own bedazzle drum.

Each fashion piece is crafted from peace silk fabric using regenerative farming practices in India. Peace silk production avoids the harmful use of silicone, bleach, and harsh dyes, resulting in luxurious soft silk as sustainable as beautiful.

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An investment for yourself and the planet

Our clothing’s provenance underscores the integrity of our mission; intentional, sustainable and timeless.

The fashion world needs a rebirth, with goals to preserve our world’s biodiversity. Therefore, 1 % of every purchase will be donated to the Tree Sisters Foundation, dedicated to empowering women and restoring our rainforests.

Purpose & Passion

Cécile de Fleur reflects the founder's profound spiritual awakening and the wisdom she soaked in along the way. The butterfly metamorphosis process depicts what the brand represents; death and rebirth. It is fully expressed in the collection from the wildflower hangtags that can be planted + create new life to cruelty-free peace silk, where silkworms are allowed to complete their metamorphosis and transform into butterflies. 

It is a pleasant reminder to women going through challenges like a cocoon in growth. With patience, faith, and divine timing, you'll transform into a butterfly.

I have a strong need to create a better world & accomplish my life’s true purpose. That is to create beauty, contribute to the environment & animals, express love & spirituality through my work.

Jennifer Reyes, Founder